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  • 2014年08月14日

    Brand Navigator Networking Event @Glo London

    As a fast growing group, BNA are reaching 4000+ members and this number has doubled since our first gathering in May. SEPT Events continued to provide the full event support on this project including planning, venue selection, opening video etc.

  • 2014年07月01日

    OLYMPUS 290 Spectrum Series Product Launch

    SEPT Group held the first 290 Series System launch for Olympus Medical with the theme of “Advancing Visualization, Advancing Maneuverability” in WH MING HOTEL, Shanghai.

  • 2014年05月01日

    JEBSEN Group Corporate Social Responsibility Rebranding Project

    The Corporate Marketing Support (CMS) Department of SEPT Group provided an integrated service for Jebsen’s Corporate Social Responsibility Dept.

  • 2014年03月24日

    The First Regional Producer Advisory Council, 2014

    SEPT Group held the First International Producer Advisory Conference for Regional Producer Advisory Council (RPAC) in Ritz-Carlton Beijing. More than 60 senior executives and producers attended this event.

  • 2013年12月05日

    2013 Investor Conference of YiMei Capital

    SEPT Events once again provided event support for YiMei Capital. We held the 2013 AGM Investor Conference in the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai. Just as in the past, SEPT tries to provide the services that always attached importance to the details.

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