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2012 Chivas Whisky Society


In April 2012, SEPT Events designed and planned the “Chivas Regal 18 years old of high-end wine tasting" for Chivas. This event conducted in club KEE which is the most illustrious private social club located in No. 796 Huaihai Road.

SEPT Events team was committed to providing of Chivas Regal’s luxury customer experience.  We tried to make guests feel brand image and the connotation of the Chivas itself which was combined with a long history and admirable character.

我方团队在为雷竞技app官网打造了复古奢享的场景中,布置了环幕投影,制作安排了精彩的开场秀,并特邀芝华士嘉宾,享誉盛名的品酒师Mr. Hubbard 主持品酒环节。此外, 基于品牌的的特色,安排了现场芝华士文化讲解,品酒知识竞赛,拉斯维加斯风情赌博游戏等节目,丰富了来宾在品酒之余的乐趣,充分体现了雷竞技app官网奢华复古而又私密休闲的氛围。而在正式雷竞技app官网进行到午夜后,我们还为雷竞技app官网设计了狂欢派对并邀请到明星嘉宾。

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