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GEBERIT new product cocktail event


In August 2012, SEPT Events hold the VIP new products experiential events for Switzerland GEBERIT. SEPT presented the event to showcase the new product which is the Geberit Monolith sanitary module in the Middle Kingdom – A design solution for China. The monolith for WCs is unique in China. It can be used anywhere and fits any interior décor. The Monolith is sold as a package together with the matching ceramic appliance, which is offered in two different designs: the more elegant version AVA and the slightly more dominant version VEX. The event venue is the Maison De L’HUI and paltry substances as a drop of water or a grain of rice are of great importance, and wisdom lies in that we do not eat anything that is not prepared properly or at any improper time. It is the principle for health and where Tao rises which holds that the infinite rests with the finite and the tiny illustrates the enormous.

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