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OLYMPUS 290 Spectrum Series Product Launch

Client: Olympus Medical

Time: 20th, June, 2014

Venue: WH MING HOTEL, Shanghai

SEPT Group held the first 290 Series System launch for Olympus Medical with the theme of “Advancing Visualization, Advancing Maneuverability” in WH MING HOTEL, Shanghai. 

Through elaborative planning, SEPT Events Team created a unique launch for Olympus Medical which highlighted the new products’ features, such as light microscope improvement, smooth operation, etc. On the big day, the event decorations and powerful ideas of each section were interlinked with the brand image closely and touched our guests’ hearts as never before.

The blue lighting was the main theme of the new product launch. With the opening speech, the special guests touched off the electric crystal ball to slide the polyhedral cabinets on both sides of 290 System. Then the brand new product was unveiled its mysterious yashmak officially. 

By this time, under the combination of integrated panoramic video and the live lighting effects, the new product launch became the spotlight in the whole place undoubtedly.

Finally, the product launch rang down successfully and was highly recommend by all the attendees. After the first stop at Shanghai, SEPT Group will continue to hold the new product launches for Olympus Medical in five major cities: Xi’an, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu and Beijing.

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